Bus excursion to old Japanese places (for lack of a better title).

That Mike is so hot right now.

Manly time for manly men.

Must admit, it was pretty relaxing sitting in a bus for an hour at a time with just the older kids. Pretty fun.

In this place, they still use a canoe of sorts to carry the bride over the water to her groom to get married.


straw hats for hire.

This is Keith's joke to share with the world. At least he thot it was hilarious.

Trips to my happy place (Chiba).

Train trips with my kids (to my very happy place: Chiba)...it all starts off well with Alysha looking smashing at the train station.

Nonas stares pensively out the window...for a full 10 seconds--wow!

For a good percentage of the time she looked more like this.

Yes. And this. Note Alysha's face. Unfazed. This clearly has been going on for some time. All to see my family. Dear Winnie, Mom, and June, I love you THIS much.

I can imagine that I must have looked like a great mom, pulling out my phone to take pics when she’s doing that. Oh my.

Oh well.

More random photos to keep me on my posting streak

this was the best thing I saw at Costco last time I went. Daybed!!! It's big enough for at least 3 people to nap in.

Alysha's first day of school (just before she braved those lions).

My birthday! Mike surprised me by preparing a babysitter for my kids and taking me out for an Indian dinner, which he knows I love.

And on June 9th we celebrated our 10 year anniversary by going to a place on the waterfront that we used to frequent when we were dating. It was wonderful and meaningful. Ten years. I still cannot believe it. I remember feeling very blessed that day.

batch number 3–iphone pics from yesterdays

Merch! Nothing more to say! It was too fun!



Alysha' art at school

Keith's a genius with these--fast too.

This is Amanda's parakeet. Cutest little thing.

Dave came to visit (visit us again, Dave!)

Beautiful Mary! My kids LOVE this woman!

more stray pics from the iphone!

batch #2!

This is what we do on long car trips.

Disney on Ice! Shrieks of joy come later in the auditorium as Alysha discovers that Tinkerbell really is real!

Aforementioned long car trip (to Alysha's birthday party on the river).

Alysha, on her birthday.

pool side babe

doesn't wanna leave the pool (every time).

resorts of antics.

…aaaand, stay tuned for more (maybe tomorrow).

catching up with iphone pics

and I’ll add a little caption to each.

Mike the farmer in Kanno san's beautiful hatake which cranks out the most delicious vegetables!

Me, coming to America! (if you haven't seen the movie, you should)

Where Keith got Mike to take him while I was gone.

more smiles with Daddy (he did great while I was gone).

They even had a BBQ breakfast--what a man-dad!

They came and picked me up at the airport, and it was a happy reunion!

more of Keith in Marioland.

I finally took the pics off the iphone and I’m gonna be sharin’ them with you in the coming days!

For my babies,

I’m off tomorrow. Only for a week, but I will miss my Mike and the kids soooo much.

Here’s a food Chris made last night. I actually ate it and it was good. You can ask him about it later.

Alright guys don’t miss me too much. I love you. Today was a perfect day. I’m so happy I got to sit in the car and talk and laugh with you before I go. you’re so funny and cute. Don’t worry while I’m gone. Mike will take wonderful care of you and you’ll get to do fun things with him (probably more than with me). I love you my bunnies.You’re the best in the world.

Pray for me and I will pray for you every night and morining and sometimes right after lunch.




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